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New initiative for Internet penetration - KülaTee 3 (VillageWay 3)

The objective of the programme is to improve access to permanent Internet connection in sparsely populated rural areas by guaranteeing quality Internet coverage of 90% of Estonia’s territory. As a result of the programme there will be created the conditions, which guarantee the inhabitants’ access to permanent Internet connection on the same conditions as in densely populated areas (cities, towns, other larger centres).

The service is bought by public procurement from the best provider(s). The State on its own accord has also established clear technical requirements (for both cable and radio Internet) and price limits in order to ensure people’s access to the service.

At the moment, over half of Estonia’s territory is already connected with the KülaTee 3 programme.

The KülaTee 3 programme contributes to both raising the level of Internet usage and diminishing the possible digital divide between different areas of the country (the city vs. the countryside).

Topic: ASO, RIA

Added 23.03.2006

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