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More opportunities for Linux and Mac with new ID-card software

With the help of the public test version of the new ID-card software, users of Linux and Mac can now log in to web sites, sign documents, and change the PIN-codes of their ID-cards.

According to the deputy director of EIC, Kalle Arula, the new software lets the users of Linux and Mac use the possibilities of the ID-card, in addition to those using MS Windows. „Even though the software was launched recently and some web sites are just being adjusted to work with the new solution, it is now possible to sign and look at signed documents offline, manage one’s ID-card, and authenticate oneself online. The possibility of giving one’s signature online will increase by time – for that the owners of online portals, e.g. the bigger banks, must adjust their software.“

„While installing the new software, though, one must remember it is a public test version and thus the users might experience some problems with it. We advise MS Windows users to continue using the older version for now as we concentrated on developing the software for the systems that lacked any support for the ID-card,“ Arula added.

With the new software, users of Linux and Max finally get a graphic utility as well as a document signing tool for their ID-cards. The software was requested by EIC and developed by OÜ Smartlink, the development was supported by the EU Regional Development Fund.

The new ID-card software can be downloaded from: https://id.eesti.ee

Topic: PKI

Added 13.10.2009

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