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Mobile-ID service launched

EMT launched a Mobile-ID service in-cooperation with AS Sertifitseerimiskeskus. Mobile-ID service enables identification of a person (for example for internet banking or EMT self service) and digital document signing via mobile phone.

“Mobile-ID in its essence is an expansion of the ID-card service in mobile phone”, said Tõnu Grünberg, Director of Development and Technology with EMT. ”Since a mobile phone is with a person at all times, it gives greater freedom for performing transactions that require personal identification, like using internet banking services, and also signing documents digitally”.

“Mobile-ID is a remarkable step in development of Estonia as innovative country – in the world we are at the frontline with this service. Already now, there is a great interest towards this service from different countries, foremost from European experts”, said Ain Järv, General Manager with AS Sertifitseerimiskeskus. “I am pleased that together with our partners from project Arvutikaitse 2009 we have created a service which furthers secure usage of e-services. Both ID-card and mobile phone are handy devices that most of us have with us at all times; and with these devices the risks of using e-services can be minimized to a great extent”.

“Since ID-card is not widely used in Latvia and Lithuania, Mobile-ID has a potential of becoming a unified personal identification and digital signature service for all tree Baltic countries. We have created a forum of Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian service parties from which we hope a unified technical standard will be born. As a result, it would be possible to sign contracts digitally across borders between companies of Baltic countries”, added Mr.Järv.

Just as ID-card, Mobile-ID allows transactions with larger daily limits than it’s possible with regular code-cards since May 2nd, 2007.

Subscription to the service born within Arvutikaitse 2009 program can be made at EMT and Elion representations. For the time being, the service is available only for EMT customers.

To use the service, the customer has to subscribe to Mobile-ID service agreement at EMT or Elion representations and change phone’s SIM-card. The new SIM-card with added functionalities will bear regular PIN-codes and PUK-codes as well as codes needed for identification over internet and for using digital signature.

Changing SIM-card and using the service is free of charge for EMT customers until the end of 2007. From 2008 the service has a monthly fee of EEK 10 (containing unlimited number of identification processes and/or digital signatures) and change of SIM-card is charged as per general pricelist.

The Mobile-ID service must be activated after subscribing to the service. This can be done at www.id.ee using ID-card, ID-card’s PIN 1 code and ID-card reader device.

Activation is necessary for providing maximum security of the service and is unquestionably important since Mobile-ID gives the user access to bank account and ability of signing legally binding documents.

In co-operation with Citizenship and Migration Board, in the next phase of the service, it’s planned to create additional ways of ensuring the security of the service in addition to ID-card activation process and then it might be possible to activate the Mobile-ID service using other methods in the future.

Topic: PKI

Added 09.05.2007

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