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Malicious cyber attacks against Estonia come from abroad

CERT Estonia’s statement at 14:00 29.04.2007

Regardless of the malicious attacks against Estonian webpages in the past days, Estonia has kept up domestic internet traffic and visits to foreign webpages are possible. However, the access of foreign users to the webpages of government offices had to be restricted to fight the attacks.

“The attacks are clearly malicious in nature. It is not an increased interest of users in the information published on our webpages,” the Head of CERT Estonia Hillar Aarelaid commented on the situation. “Foreign forums contain agitations and tips for volunteers to “help out”," he added.

While most public sector webpages are accessible to domestic users again, major restrictions still apply to internet users abroad. “Our aim today is to restore webpages one by one to open them to users outside Estonia,” the Head of CERT Estonia Hillar Aarelaid cast light on the measures to be taken.

CERT Estonia handles security incidents that take place in Estonian computer networks, takes measures to prevent such incidents and to raise the security awareness of users. On the state-level, CERT’s tasks are performed by the Department for Handling Information Security Incidents of the Estonian Informatics Centre.

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Added 30.04.2007

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