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Launch of CERT Estonia will increase internet security

Activities to be carried out in the field of information security by CERT Estonia were introduced to wider public on May 9, 2006.

CERT Estonia, established at the Estonian Informatics Centre, deals with security incidents that occur in Estonian networks, carries out preventive actions to avoid them, and contributes to internet security related awareness-raising. Last week, the unit was involved, as one of its first tasks, in the handling of an security incident related to internet banking fraud.

„The task of CERT Estonia is to assist our internet users in the implementation of preventive measures so as to reduce possible damage from security incidents and help users in responding to them,” said Hillar Aarelaid, CEO of CERT Estonia.

The team provides assistance to system administrators, network administrators or customer support in organisations or at internet service providers. It will co-operate both with public agencies and the private sector. As the computer emergency team does not render services to end users, the latter should, in case of security incidents, turn to their internet service providers or system administrators in their organisations, who will co-operate, if necessary, with CERT Estonia.

CERT organisations work and co-operate all over the world. In Estonia, the tasks of a CERT are implemented by the Department for Handling Information Security Incidents at the Estonian Informatics Centre.

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