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Joining the X-Road v6 test and production environment

 Activities performed in the X-Road v6 test and/or production environment are described in the X-Road user manual. Numbers marked after chapters refer to the specific clauses in the guide.

  1. Becoming a member of X-Road:
    • Joining of an organization with X-Road (Ch. 2.2);
    • Accepting the joining conditions in RIHA (Ch. 2.2).
  2. Preparation for installing the security server (Ch. 3.1):
    • Selecting trust services (Ch. 3.1.2);
    • Selecting the encryption device (Ch. 3.1.1).
  3. Installing the security server (Ch. 3.2):
    • Installing the security server according to the installation guide (Ch. 3.2);
    • Configuring trust services in the security server (Ch. 3.3);
    • Registering a security server / submitting a certificate application (Ch. 3.4).
  4. Registering and describing the X-Road subsystem (Ch. 4):
    • In RIHA (Ch. 4.1);
    • In X-Road (Ch. 4.2).
  5. Developing and registering data services (Ch. 5).
  6. Providing and using services (Ch. 6).


All the following applications and requests must be sent on the e-mail address help@ria.ee.

  • X-road Declaration of conformity. 
    This declaration of conformity shall be submitted by a commercial or non-governmental member of X-Road whose information system is not a database in the meaning of the Public Information Act or whose information system is not used for providing a public service.
  • Application for changing the security server IP in the production environment (Ch. 3.2.1) (in Estonian, .pdf, 175 KB).
  • For changing the security server IP in the test environment (Ch. 3.2.1), please send a free-form e-mail to RIA, adding the same data that are required in the case of a production environment application. Please mark “Application for changing the security server IP in the test environment” as the subject.


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Added 29.02.2016
Updated 13.11.2017

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