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Joining the X-Road v5 test and production environment

The X-Road v5 test and production environment can be joined via RIHA.

NB! As of 28.11.2016, new members are no longer accepted in the v5 X-Road test and production environments. Pre-existing members will still be issued certificates if needed, until the closure of the v5 environments.

You can find information on how to become a member of X-Road v6 here.

Joining X-Road in RIHA

  • Initially, the institution must join RIHA;
  • After joining RIHA, the account manager appointed by RIHA for the institution must appoint an X-Road system administrator and the security server administrator(s);
  • The person authorized as the X-Road system administrator must agree with the X-Road user conditions;
  • The X-Road system administrator or security server administrator shall register the security server(s) of the institution, including: select the X-Road environment (test or production), enter the security server IP and appoint a security server administrator from among the contact persons of the institution. NB! If the institution joining X-Road uses the hosting service of the security sever, the security server does not have to be registered;
  • The X-Road system administrator of the institution shall submit an X-Road certificate application to RIHA. For that purpose, the certification package generated in the security server (certreq.gz) must be digitally signed and uploaded to RIHA upon submitting the certificate application. RIA shall process the application and notify of the decision. In case of satisfying the application, the certificate can be downloaded directly in the security server. NB! An X-Road certificate is issued to the production environment information system only if it has been approved and ISKE (or an equal security level in the case of the private sector) has been established.

The following instructions assist in performing the required activities:

The FAQ section of RIHA is also helpful.

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Added 29.02.2016
Updated 28.11.2016

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