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Submission of a request for information

Please submit a request for information to the general e-mail address of the Information System Authority, ria[@], or contact us by mail or telephone.

Pärnu maantee 139A, 15169 Tallinn
Phone: 663 0200

Responding to a request for information

We will respond to your request for information within five working days at the latest. The time limit begins on the working day following the submission of the request for information. If the request for information needs to be clarified or it takes time to find out the information, the time limit for replying may be extended to 15 working days. In this case, we will notify you of the extension together with the reasons.

Memoranda, requests for explanation, and replies

If your inquiry contains suggestions for organising the work of the Information System Authority or shaping the development of the field, or if you provide us with information, it is a memorandum.

If you ask for an opinion or general information in your request that is not documented and which involves analysing or synthesizing existing information or gathering additional information from various sources, it is a request for explanation.

We respond to memoranda and requests for explanation pursuant to the procedure prescribed by law » but not later than within 30 calendar days as of its registration.

What is a request for information?

A request for information is an inquiry by a person requesting public information.

Public information is information which is recorded and documented in any manner and on any medium that has been collected on the medium in the performance of public duties in the authority (section 3 of the Public Information Act »). Memoranda, requests for explanation, statements, etc. are not covered by public information.

A request for information must include the following information:

  • the given name and surname of the person making the request for information;
  • in the case of a request for information made on behalf of an authority or legal person, the name of the legal person or authority;
  • contact details of the person making the request for information (postal or email address, telephone number) through which we can issue the information or contact you;
  • the content of the information requested or the type, name, and content of the document or the document details known to the person making the request for information;
  • the manner in which the request for information is to be complied with.
Last modified: 06.01.2022

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