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Taimar Peterkop

Director General

Taimar Peterkop, Director General of RIA, organises the fulfilment of tasks within the competence of the authority and is responsible for the authority’s work results.

Peterkop started as the head of RIA in May 2015. Before that, he worked as the undersecretary for legal and administrative affairs at the Ministry of Defence and was responsible, among other things, for developing the information and communication technology sector of the governing area.

Peterkop worked as a lawyer at the Government Office in 2000–2001 and at the Ministry of Defence in 2001–2008. During the first four years of that period, he worked at the legal department as the head of the international law office, and the last three years as the director of the operations and crisis management department. In 2008–2010, Peterkop worked as a defence counsellor at the Estonian Embassy in Washington.

Taimar Peterkop was born on 20 January 1977 in Tallinn. He has graduated from the Faculty of Law at the University of Tartu and holds a Master’s degree in strategic studies from the United States Army War College.

Photo of Taimar Peterkop

Taimar Peterkop is on parental leave since 1 September 2018 and Andrus Kaarelson is in the duties of Director General.


Andrus Kaarelson

Director of State Information System

Since April 2017, Andrus Kaarelson has been managing the State Information System Branch (the use of electronic identity, the data exchange X-Road, RIHA, the administration for state information systems and data, the State Portal, defence of the state IT infrastructure, etc.). He has worked in telecommunication companies for over 20 years and more than ten years for Elisa.

Kaarelson has held various positions at Elisa and in the last four years, he was a member of the management board. From 1998 to 2006, he worked as a project manager of mobile networks at Ericsson Estonia.

Andrus Kaarelson was born on 24 December 1972. In 2013, he received his Master’s degree from the Estonian Business School (EBS) in international business administration. In 1996, he received a telecommunications degree from from EBS.

Photo of Andrus Kaarelson


Uku Särekanno

Director of Cyber Security

Uku Särekanno manages the Cyber Security Branch as of January 2018.

He has previously worked in various positions at the Government Office, where, among other things, he coordinated the Estonian presidency of the European Union, managed the law enforcement and criminal policy department at the Ministry of the Interior, and represented Estonia in Brussels from 2013 to 2014 in the affairs of migration and police cooperation.

Särekanno was born on 18 February 1981. He graduated from the Legal Department of the University of Tartu and received his Master’s degree in 2012.

Photo of Uku Särekanno


Ly Sari

Director of Administration

Ly Sari manages the support services (human resources, finance, document management, etc.) of RIA as of spring 2018. She has a long-term experience in finance and human resource work.

The last four years, Ly Sari has been the head supervisor of state budget at the Ministry of Finance. In 2007–2014, she worked at the Estonian Academy of Security Sciences, first as the head of the finance department and later as the head of human resources.

Sari was born on 15 January 1972. She graduated from Audentes University and received a Master’s degree in International Relations and a Bachelor’s degree in International Business Administration.

Photo of Ly Sari

Last modified: 24.09.2018

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