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We use cookies on the website of the Information System Authority. You can opt out of cookies at any time by changing the browser settings on the device you are using and by deleting the stored cookies.

Cookies used on the web

NamePurposeExpiry date
has_jsRemembers if JavaScript is enabled in the visitor’s browser. The JavaScript programming language enables to make the website interactive.None
plmbr.usr.keyA fallback cookie used when the visitor’s browser’s local storage is disabled.10 years
plumbr_session_trackerTracks user sessions so that we would know how many user sessions the monitored application has.30 minutes
plumbr_user_trackerLinks together user interactions from the same user so that we would know how many unique users interact with the monitored application.10 years
plumbr-supportedUsed for checking if the browser supports cookies.Session cookie. Deleted right after cookie validation is finished.

In addition, the website of the Information System Authority uses analytical cookies, which collect information about how the website is used; for example, which webpages are visited the most and if users receive error messages from web pages. These cookies do not collect information that would allow to directly identify website users. However, analytical monitoring of computer use can lead to the indirect identification of users.

As the website of the Information System Authority displays videos that are uploaded to YouTube, the cookies of YouTube are also used.


Last modified: 02.05.2019

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