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State Information System


Administration System for the State Information System RIHA

An integral information system aiming to give a clear view of the state’s IT resources.

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Data Exchange Layer X-Road

A platform-independent secure standard enables trustworthy communication between Estonian public sector information systems.

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Public Key Infrastructure PKI

Provides software solutions for electronic use of electronic identity (f.e ID-card).

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Document Exchange Centre DEC

Simplifies electronic exchange of documents between organisations and information systems.

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Data Communication in Public Administration ASO

Provides data communication for public administration.

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IT Infrastructure

Development of computer networks in public administration.

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State Portal eesti.ee

Provides safe Internet environment for communication with the state – offering reliable information and e-solutions.

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Raising Public Awareness about the Information Society

EU SF programme increases awareness about the information society and contributes to the development of e-society.

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Cyber Security


Critical Information Infrastructure Protection CIIP

Arranges protection for country's critical public and private information systems at the national level.

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Management of security incidents in .EE computer networks and raising users' awareness about security issues.

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IT Baseline Security System ISKE

ISKE implementation ensures sufficient security level for the data processed in public IT systems.

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Consults the public service providers how to maintain the security of their information systems and supervises them.

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Head of CERT-EE: Estonia’s capability to manage cyber crises has improved significantly in 10 years


The conference “The present and future of cyber security”, which is dedicated to the anniversary of the large-scale cyber-attacks against Estonia in 2007, is taking place today. The conference includes discussions about the activities of the time, as well as the current situation and challenges of Estonian cyber security.

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