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ID-cards can be renewed until late Saturday night

ID-cards with suspended certificates can be renewed until late Saturday night this week. Un-renewed certificates will be revoked from 1 April and a new document must be applied for the electronic use of the ID-card. A state fee has to be paid upon application.

The certificates of 471,000 cards have been renewed to this date, including 339,000 cards by means of remote renewal and 132,000 at the Police and Border Guard Board service points. About 35,000 ID-cards used electronically at least once have not been renewed. The total number of ID-cards yet to be renewed is 270,000.

‘The majority of these cardholders are most likely children or older people who have not logged in to e-services or who have not had to provide a digital signature. If a child reaches the age of 16 or 18 during the validity period of the card, it would be reasonable to renew the card’s certificates. Otherwise, it may happen that when the young person wishes to start using their card electronically, they have to apply for a new one,’ explained Margus Arm, head of the eID Department of the Information System Authority.

‘If a person needs to start using their ID-card electronically, but they have not yet renewed the certificates, then remote renewal available until late Saturday night is the most convenient option. If remote renewal opportunities are not available, it is possible to renew the certificates at the service points until Thursday evening,’ said Marit Abram, Chief Expert of Identity and Statuses at the Police and Border Guard Board. ‘All service points are closed on Friday, 30 March, due to a public holiday.’

Persons who never use the PIN-codes of their ID-cards do not have to renew the certificates. ID-cards will still be valid as identity documents until the date specified on the card. ID-cards with un-renewed certificates can also be used as customer cards as well as in pharmacies for digital prescriptions.

Certificates must be renewed for ID-cards issued as of 16 October 2014 and for e-resident, residence permit, and digi-ID cards issued as of December 2014. ID-cards issued from 26 October 2017 already have renewed software and do not need personal renewal. Furthermore, ID-card certificates do not need renewal if it has already been done after 24 October 2017.

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Added 28.03.2018

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