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How to become an X-Road member

Joining X-Road version 6

NB! Institutions that have joined the X-Road v5 environment and have been registered in RIHA do not have to agree to the joining conditions again to join the v6 environment. These institutions are automatically transferred to the v6 environment.

Institutions that have joined the X-Road v5 environment, but are not registered in RIHA must perform the joining activities in RIHA as well: join RIHA and then agree to the X-Road joining conditions.

Institutions that have not joined the X-Road v5 environment can only join the X-Road version 6.

Joining X-Road version 5

NB! X-road version 5 environments closing dates are on the page Transition to X-Road version 6.

How to be up to date with X-Road information?

Members of X-Road are notified by e-mail on the address specified in RIHA. If the previous notifications have not reached the right people, we advise updating the contact details in RIHA.

If you wish to receive personal notifications by e-mail, please join the X-Road community mailing list.

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Added 29.02.2016
Updated 14.09.2017

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