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Half of the suspended ID-cards have been renewed

By now, 352,000 people have renewed their ID-cards, accounting for almost half of all suspended certificate documents.

About 268,000 people have renewed their ID-cards from home and nearly 84,000 people have done so at the Police and Border Guard, including the temporary service points set up in shopping centres.

According to Margus Arm, Head of the eID field at the Information System Authority, about 220,000 cards, which have been used electronically at least once this year, have not been renewed yet. ‘At the beginning of the year, many people will want to submit their income tax return electronically, which is why I recommend renewing the ID-card certificates, especially for those who do not have mobile-ID,’ said Arm.

The most convenient way is to renew your ID-card on your computer. To do this, you will need to download the necessary software from the website: https://installer.id.ee and follow the instructions. If, for some reason, the remote renewal process is not successful or cannot be completed, you can ask the Police and Border Guard Board employees for help.

‘We have had a lot of positive feedback regarding the process of renewing ID-cards both in the service points of the Police and Border Guard and in major shopping centres. People are using this possibility, and in addition to card-renewal questions, we have been able to advise people on ID-card issues in general. For example, people are surprised by the fact that they must pick up their document in half a year, because after that, the document is destroyed and the person must re-apply for the document, as well as pay the state fee again,’ said Margit Ratnik, the Head of Identity and Status Bureau of the Police and Border Guard Board.

Today, more than 14,000 ID-cards with new certificates issued since 25 October have not been picked up at the service points of the Police and Border Guard Board. Approximately 1,200 cards have been exchanged under warranty due to becoming unusable due to the renewal process.

‘The vast majority of documents have become unusable due to the combination of various technical factors. To use an ID-card without errors, it is very important to use the latest ID-card software and the latest operating systems,’ explained Margus Arm, Head of the eID field at the Information System Authority.

Yesterday began the pilot testing of the basic software used for the encryption of documents. The software is available to users from the website https://installer.id.ee and if the encryption process can be carried out without errors, that is, the application works, everyone will automatically have this application in their software from the new year.

ID-cards with suspended certificates can be renewed either on personal computers or at the service points of the Police and Border Guard Board until 31 March of the following year. As of 1 April, the certificates will be terminated, and to use an ID-card electronically, a new card must be applied for from the Police and Border Guard.

The ID-card is valid as an identity document until the date indicated therein. An ID-card which has not been renewed can also be used as a customer loyalty card and in pharmacies for the receipt of medicines.

The statistics of using and renewing ID-cards (including Digi-ID, residence permit card, and e-resident card): (numbers are rounded)

  • 800,000 ID-cards affected by the security risk
  • 740,000 cards with suspended certificates
  • 520,000 people whose ID-card certificates were suspended used the card electronically at least once this year
  • 352,000 renewed ID-cards
  • 220,000 cards with suspended certificates which were used at least once this year have not been renewed
  • 156,000 mobile-ID users

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Added 22.12.2017

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