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Cyberdefence: France and Estonia sign a cooperation agreement

On November 9th France's cyberdefence authority (ANSSI)1 and Estonia's (EIC) signed a cooperation agreement in the field of cyberdefence and information systems security. Both countries believe in the importance of cooperation to solve crisis and in its virtues to prevent them.

Epp Joab, director of EIC (Estonian Informatics Centre), said: "Due to increasing threats to e-services and critical infrastructures, the international cooperation is most needed in order to protect IT-systems. ANSSI and France have many years of cyber defence experience and we welcome the opportunity to work with ANSSI to solve problems, which are common for both sides."

Acknowledging that France and Estonia may face the same threats and crisis, the cooperation agreement states that their cyberdefence authorities will share information and experience whenever they shall be helpful.

Patrick Pailloux, executive director of ANSSI, the French cyberdefence authority, declared: "When dealing with cyberdefence, international cooperation becomes essential to get a clear, global understanding of the threats and address them. As the first victim of a massive cyberattack, Estonia has a unique experience; I am very pleased that ANSSI will share views with RIA on the many challenges we both must address."

[1] Agence nationale de la sécurité des systèmes d'information: http://www.ssi.gouv.fr/

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Added 17.11.2010

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