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Former Information Portal and Citizen Portal form State Portal “eesti.ee”

The State Portal “eesti.ee” shall aggregate the former Information Portal and Citizen Portal into a single whole. The portal emanates from grouping the information and services from the users; therefore the information and services directed at the citizen, entrepreneur and official are separated.

“Technically the portal has been constantly renewed, but this is one of the changes that certainly will not stay unnoticed by the users“, Riho Oks, the development advisor of State Information Systems Development Centre, commented on the portal development. ”The State Portal helps to facilitate the orientation in the information provided and services offered by various state institutions”, added Oks.

The technical capacities of the portal will facilitate rendering the prospective e-services, using e.g. the electronic opportunities provided by both the data communication layer X-tee and ID-card. In this respect, the institution rendering the service shall not be obliged to spend large sums for the creation of technological solutions for the services. For example, we await on the portal the institutions that would like to offer citizens notification services and submission of electronic forms – citizens shall be provided with an opportunity to electronically submit blanks and applications to state institutions and receive e-mails or SMS notifications with the necessary information from state institutions.

The author of the new design is Markus Kasemaa. The development of the State Portal “eesti.ee“ is funded by the Structural Funds of the European Union. The portal is developed and administrated by the State Information Systems Development Centre.

The majority of State Portal’s services are currently targeted to citizens. The possibility to check your personal details and other registry services is offered by more than 20 national databases. The State Portal environment provides an opportunity to use the e-mail address @eesti.ee, complete and convey official forms to state institutions and local municipalities, sign documents digitally and many other things. In addition, via the State Portal “eesti.ee” it is possible to enter other information systems like e-PRIA and Forest Registry.

The State Portal “eesti.ee“ has grown out of the e-citizen project initiated in 2002.

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Added 15.10.2007

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