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Programme "Raising Public Awareness about the Information Society" (2007–2015)

The aim of the programme "Raising Public Awareness about the Information Society" funded by the Structural Funds of the European Union was to increase people’s awareness about the possibilities of the information society so as to contribute to the development of a society that would support people’s life and activities and increase the efficiency of policy formulation in the field of information society through high-quality information and data usage.

The total volume of the programme was 4 808 350 euros and the programme was carried out in the years 2007–2015.

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The activities, topics and target groups

The activities of the programme were intended for:

  • Current and future consumers of e-services (above all, Estonian citizens).
  • Parties related to the development of e-services (public sector, policy-makers, entrepreneurs).
  • Society’s opinion leaders and the representatives of the media.
  • The public of foreign countries.

As a result of the activities, people became more aware of the fact that e-services make life easier and that they are safe to use.

The main attention was focused on the following topics:

  • Introducing the state portal
  • Introducing the possibilities of the state information system.
  • Increasing security awareness.

The target groups of the programme included consumers of both existing and future e-services as well as parties involved in the development of e-services, that is policy-makers, the public sector and entrepreneurs, whose increased awareness of the information society would increase general motivation for the take-up of ICT solutions.

In addition, the programme focused on raising the awareness of opinion leaders and media representatives, increasing interest in and forming more positive attitudes towards new technologies.

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