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Estonia Launches Competition for Best Mobile Applications

Today Estonia launched its annual competition to find great IT applications. This year the focus is on services created for mobile platforms. The winner of the contest will receive high-level official recognition and the title of Estonia's Best Mobile Application 2016.

Estonia's Best Mobile Application competition is the highest national IT competition for already existing and fully functional solutions. Submitted applications will be evaluated by specialists from well-known Estonian startups as well as the public sector. “All participants, whether they should win or not, shall receive constructive feedback from the jury,” assured Asko Seeba, the chairman of the jury, encouraging all mobile application developers to take part in the competition. Thus far this competition has served as a launch pad for such well-known Estonian startups as Transferwise, GoSwift, and Teleport with its Flock application for planning meetings for distributed teams.

In the process of evaluation the experts shall assess such qualities as scalability, security and ease of use. In addition, the economic and social impact of services, as well as their potential for international application, will also be taken into consideration.

The winner of the competition will be awarded the title of The Best Mobile Application 2016.

In addition, special prizes will also be given out to applications from the private sector, government and civil society categories. There is also a special prize for the most intelligent user security solution.

Applicants must first submit their fully functional mobile applications online at   https://konkurss.eesti.ee/kandideeri/. Only applications that have been created or substantially upgraded during the last 2 years are eligible. All competition entries must be submitted by the end of May 2.

The jury includes Asko Seeba (Mooncascade), Margus Uudam (Karma.vc), Anna Piperal (e-Estonia Showroom, WSA Mobile), Kristel Viidik (Testlio.com), Lauri Läheb (NutiKaitse 2017), Tajo Oja (Fraktal) and Rain Rannu (Fortumo).

For further information: https://konkurss.eesti.ee

Estonia's Best Mobile Application 2016 competition is commissioned by the Estonian Information System Authority (Riigi Infosüsteemi Amet, RIA) and carried out by BDA Consulting OÜ. This activity is undertaken in the framework of the EU Structural Funds support scheme "Raising Public Awareness about the Information Society" and is funded by the European Regional Development Fund.

Estonia's Best Mobile Application 2016 Press Release

Topic: Awareness about Information Society

Added 12.04.2016

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