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Estonia and UK exchange state IT experience

At a working meeting yesterday the British government’s Chief Technology Officer Liam Maxwell and Director General of the Estonian Information System Authority Jaan Priisalu shared their experiences in regard to the development and functioning of both states’ information technology.

Liam Maxwell and others at RIA.

Britain is interested in Estonia’s X-Road solution, the state portal eesti.ee and RIHA, the administration system for the state information system. Estonia stands to gain from more thorough investigation into the UK’s experience in the use of public data, the measurement of e-service efficiency and the way both of these areas are promoted among users.

This exchange of experience, which forms part of a cooperation agreement entered into in February, is set to continue: the British plan to more closely examine the options of the X-Road solution so as to determine whether it could be implemented within the systems of the United Kingdom.

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Added 10.10.2013

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