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EIC creates unit for defense of critical information systems

On 1st of October, the department for Critical Information Infrastructure Protection (CIIP) will be launched at EIC. The aim of the department is creating the defense system for Estonia’s critical information infrastructure as well as running the system.

CIIP will deal with the vital element of the protection of important information systems in Estonia – the IT systems of both the public and private sector. CIIP will coordinate the general protective actions, yet the owner of every vital service will still be responsible for the daily defense of their system.

Head of CIIP, Toomas Viira, explains, “Nowadays a large part of our daily actions is supported directly or indirectly by various IT systems. When paying with our bank card, the IT systems at the bank must function; to call on the phone, the IT systems of the phone operator must function; for the traffic lights to function, their IT systems must work; IT systems are also used in electric plants and networks, air control would be unfathomable without IT systems etc. For example, what would happen, if the IT system for your local sewage plant would stop functioning? Or how would a long-term blackout affect various systems?”

According to Viira, one central unit was needed that would analyze the state’s vital services and the influence of various IT systems to one another. “CIIP will analyze the threats and risks of various services and will give recommendations on improving the systems’ defense. While CIIP starts to work on a strategic level, CERT Estonia will continue working on the operative level.”

The idea of creating the department was born two years ago, when the compiling of the cyber defense strategy for 2008-2013 began. This year two people will start work in the department – the head of department and the head of risks, in the future there are plans to increase the number of people.

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Added 30.09.2009

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