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E-services are preparing for ID-card updating

Software for the renewal of the ID-cards affected by the security risk has been completed in cooperation with the State Information System Authority (RIA) and partners. Major e-services should be ready for their updates next week when the call for people to update their cards is planned.

Since October 25, there is an update software available for ID-cards with a security risk. Public testing of both the updating and the e-services is currently underway. "A large number of important e-service providers such as banks have already adapted their systems to the ID-card updates and the healthcare sector is working vigorously. We want to be ready for the start of widespread updating next week," explained Taimar Peterkop, Director General of the State Information System Authority.

Feedback shows that most updates have been successful, but some essential e-services and systems have not yet completed the required updates and do not support ID-cards with updated certificates.

"Health care professionals are recommended to not renew their security risk affected ID-cards yet. As for the other ID-card holders with the security risk, we recommend they make sure their information systems necessary for work support the updated ID-card," said Peterkop.

"Compared to the beginning of September, the risk assessment has changed and the probability of attacks has increased," said Taimar Peterkop, Director General of RIA. "More and more countries, software vendors and service providers that are affected by this security threat are coming out. There is a growing risk that someone will develop a way to abuse this security breach. We will, therefore, suspend the certificates for the non-renewed cards in the second week of November. By suspending the certificates, we ensure that no Estonian ID-card can be attacked via this security risk while maintaining the opportunity for ID-card updating," Peterkop added.

According to Peterkop, the technical capability of the update application is limited and that a thousand people can update their card at the same time. "There will surely be delays caused by overload, and times when updating right away is not possible and one has to try again later. We, therefore, ask people for their patience."

"The PPA is ready for an increase in service burden, although most people can handle updating the card by themselves," said Elmar Vaher, Director General of the Police and Border Guard Board. "We anticipate that due to certification updates the queues in our services will definitely be increased and inconvenience will be inevitable. Starting from November, we will extend the opening hours of the service halls in major cities to 6:00 pm, and in the case of very heavy workloads, we are ready to open the service halls on weekends as well."

Starting from today, October 26, the ID-card chips produced have the new software already in use and there is no need to update these cards. However, previously produced ID-cards, which the citizen has not yet picked up, will be updated by the PPA worker before issuing the card.

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