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Digitally aligned Member States to integrate Europe


Tbuildconnectgrow.euhe opening meeting of the e-SENS Project (Electronic Simple European Networked Services) initiated by the European Commission will end today in Berlin. As the result of the project, both Estonians and Europeans will be able to consume more e-services outside their homeland in the years to come.

The objective of the e-SENS is to develop and test information technology solutions in various fields and to expand the joint e-service market in Europe, including cross-usage of services (e.g. e-ID and e-documents, e-procurements, semantic assets and e-signatures). Estonia is leading a working group in the e-SENS with the objective of preparing instructions for evaluating the sustainability and maturity of interconnected e-solutions.

Participating in the project provides Estonia the opportunity to share its experience in implementing IT solutions as over 100 partner institutions from 20 countries participate in the project. "We are the only European country to have linked national e-identity with practical e-services extensively for both communicating with the state and for the services offered by the private sector. Numerous European countries are interested in this success story and we wish that the solutions to be implemented in Europe are at least compatible with ours or even based on the logic of the Estonian systems," said Hannes Kiivet, Head of the Department of Development of the EISA.

E-SENS concentrates the overlapping common elements of previous large-scale European IT projects and develops them further. For example, the large-scale project epSOS will create a pan-European health care framework, the PEPPOL will facilitate the participation of enterprises and countries in joint procurements, the SPOCS will lower the barriers of entering export markets for enterprises and the STORK is aimed at the interoperability of the e-identities of the Member States. All these projects have common elements in terms of standards, software and agreements, and the joint development thereof within the framework of the e-SENS is beneficial both financially and with regard to the expected results.

everal Estonian state authorities and private enterprises participate in the e-SENS; the project coordinator for Estonia is the Estonian Information System's Authority. The budget of the e-SENS is 27 million euros. The Estonian share in the budget amounts to one million euros of which half is covered by support from the European Commission. In addition to the EISA, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications, the Centre of Registers and Information Systems, the Ministry of Justice, the Estonian e-Health Foundation, Medisoft AS, AS Ida-Tallinna Keskhaigla, AS Lääne-Tallinna Keskhaigla, AS Sertifitseerimiskeskus and Cybernetica AS contribute to the project.

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Added 24.07.2013

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