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To join the Document Exchange Centre

To join the Document Exchange Centre (DEC) you need to:

  • check, whether the institution's document management system version has the DEC module
  • join the X-Road by presenting a application to Estonian Informatics Centre (first contact address is xtee dot help at ria dot ee)
  • install the security server for the institution
  • request the DEC services to be opened for the institution

DEC data exchange is currently supported by the following document management systems (NB! DEC support may not be available on the older versions, to obtain more information please contact your document management system developer):

To obtain access to the DEC services please contact by e-mail help at ria dot ee or by phone 663 0235. The following information is needed: institution's name and registry code accompanied by the document management system users' name(s).

To test Document managment system and DEC communication the test-X-Road has test-DEC services available. To join the test-DEC you need to join test-X-Road, install security server and request the test-DEC services to be opened for the institution.

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Added 22.05.2008
Updated 21.01.2016

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