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Data Communication in Public Administration ASO

RIA provides data communication and internet services to state agencies and local governments. In exceptional cases, we render these services on behalf of the state also to private institutions providing public services. The service is made up of the best components of the services provided by various operators in the market.

Besides the main network, RIA administers many local access networks.

Estonian broadband network for public sector

PeaTee is the broadband network of data communication between government institutions or Internet for government institutions or simply EEBone.

PeaTee is a public network. Every state and local government agency has the right, though not obligation, to use PeaTee.

The development of PeaTee was based on the backbone network ASONet elaborated by the Border Guard Administration, the Customs Board and the Police Board in 1993.

The use of the backbone network is financed centrally from the state budget and the use is free of charge for subscribed clients. The client has to pay only for access to the backbone network. The client determines the access connection service him/herself. The quality and price of the connection are mainly determined by the chosen technical solution of the access connection, as one of the solution's components is the rent of data communication channel from the client's location to the node of PeaTee.

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Added 13.02.2006
Updated 09.05.2012

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