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The Information System Authority organises prevention activities in the field of cyber security. We issue alerts, organise trainings, and provide recommendations on how to prevent or reduce the impact of cyber incidents.

We issue alerts to the public on current threats and security vulnerabilities, give the providers of vital services sectoral or trend-based warnings and recommendations on how to avoid threats.

To improve cyber hygiene, we compile advice for both young people and adults on how to protect a personal (smart) device, how to act online, and how to recognise common scams. We add more detailed explanations to the Information System Authority’s blog. We also take part in organising the European Cyber Security Month in October of each year.

Cyber security trainings also help to improve cyber hygiene, which is why we have organised these trainings for government officials, healthcare professionals, and local governments. Additionally, government employees and family physicians can test and improve their cyber knowledge in the digital learning environment DigiTest.

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DigiTest is the interactive online learning course procured by the Information System Authority and developed in cooperation with the cyber security company CybExer Technologies.

DigiTest is primarily aimed at the government sector, including government agencies, constitutional institutions, and local governments; its scope has also been extended to the staff of family medicine centres and general education schools. Thousands of government officials have already passed the DigiTest course.

The cyber security learning platform DigiTest was completed in the spring of 2017. Its purpose is to raise and maintain the cyber security awareness of the employees of an institution. As a result of the test, it is possible to get an overview of employees’ awareness of cyber security and identify topics that require additional attention. DigiTest also allows to gain an overview of the overall profile of an institution and thereby organise targeted trainings and seminars as a result. Although security reasons necessitate that the results of the DigiTest remain known to only each institution themselves, institutions can still compare their results with the overall results.

Last modified: 27.07.2021

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