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Cyber security require international cooperation

Today and tomorrow, top specialists from Europe will be discussing ways to protect people from cybercriminals in a more efficient manner at the cyber conference ‘Digital Single Market, Common Digital Security’. Topics to be discussed at the conference include cyber security capabilities of cyber protection, international cooperation, and making legislation more efficient.

‘We do not often think about the fact that security in the virtual world is not self-evident and just as much needs to be contributed to increasing the sense of security as in the physical world. The word “cyber” is something distant and foreign to many people, but at the same time, technology is our daily companion that we cannot imagine life without. Everyone who has almost been in a car accident senses the real dangers of traffic; however, the dangers of the IT world are only perceived when the damage has already been done. Just like us, criminals also enjoy the many opportunities of the IT world, taking advantage of the vulnerability of technology and the people using it. Therefore, it is very important to work towards preventing such dangers and making the life of criminals as difficult as possible,’ said Taimar Peterkop, Director General of the Estonian Information System Authority and main organiser of the conference.

‘There are no borders in cyberspace, which makes international cooperation in ensuring cybersecurity very important. This particularly applies to the European Union in order to ensure the functioning of a digital single market. Estonia has made a significant contribution to that cooperation, including to the development of the cybersecurity strategy of the European Union and to keeping it up to date. A directive on the security of networks and information systems is already in effect in the European Union; in the coming months, we will submit a draft cybersecurity act to the Estonian parliament to transpose it into Estonian legislation. However, much is still to be done before the international cooperation in ensuring cybersecurity is at a sufficient level. Our two-day conference with partners will certainly contribute to achieving that goal,’ said Siim Sikkut, Deputy Secretary General for IT.

Participants of the conference include top specialists of the cyber field and cybersecurity leaders from across Europe, as well as many important Estonian national officials, internal security employees, and IT entrepreneurs. Among others, speakers include Sir Julian King, European Commissioner for the Security Union, Arne Schönbohm, President of the German Federal Office for Information Security and Guillaume Poupard, Director General of the National Cybersecurity Agency of France (ANSSI).

The event will be opened by Jüri Ratas, Estonian Prime Minister, and moderated by Siim Sikkut, Deputy Secretary General at the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications.

The conference is organised by the Estonian Information System Authority in cooperation with the European Union Agency for Network and Information Security (ENISA) and the European Commission.

A live broadcast of the event will be available on the website of the Estonian presidency.

Topic: Cyber Security

Added 14.09.2017

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