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Information System Authority (RIA)

Pärnu maantee 139a,
15169 Tallinn, Estonia

Telephone calls will be recorded for quality assurance.


  • Registry code: 70006317


Location and address

Map: Riigi Infosüsteemi Amet, Pärnu maantee 139a, Tallinn, Estonia
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The building where RIAs office is located
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Customer Support

Phone: +372 666 8888
Working hours: 8.30 a.m. – 7 p.m. on working days
Website for assistance with ID: »
Email: help [at]


Phone calls will be recorded to ensure a higher quality of service.

For authorities and companies

Reporting a cyber incident

Phone (24/7): +372 663 0299
Email: cert [at]
Environment for reporting cyber incidents »


Failures in the state network

Phone (24/7): +372 663 0299


Using ISKE and E-ITS

Phone: +372 666 8847
Email: standard [at]



The email address form for the Information System Authority's employees is: forename.surname [at] In the names, the letters are replaced as follows: ä = a; õ and ö = o; ü = u; š = s. If there is a hyphen in the name, it is also used in the email address. If a person has two forenames without a hyphen, their email address will be: forenameforename.surname [at]

Information Security Department

Name Position Telephone
Martin Paas Head of Department