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CERT Estonia on a mission

In order to protect an organisation’s assets and ensure their security, timely detection of security incidents, their proper handling, as well as appropriate follow-up activities are of vital importance. The management of these activities might have a considerable impact and, thus, they should be of critical importance for all organisations. Up to 2005, there were no organisations in Estonia with direct responsibility for handling security incidents, ensuring respective co-ordination between different organisations, and providing assistance in responding to security threats. Also missing was a national contact point for international co-operation in the field of IT security.

CERT Estonia, established in 2006, is an organisation responsible for the management of security incidents in .ee computer networks. Its task is to assist Estonian internet users in the implementation of preventive measures in order to reduce possible damage from security incidents and to help them in responding to security threats. CERT Estonia deals with security incidents that occur in Estonian networks, are started there, or have been notified of by citizens or institutions either in Estonia or abroad.

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Added 02.10.2006

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