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Best Estonian mobile application 2016 is Pipedrive

Expert jury has chosen the sales management tool Pipedrive as the best Estonian mobile app of 2016.

According to the head of the jury, Asko Seeba, Pipedrive really understands what is possible with a mobile app and they have not tried to simply copy solutions on a personal computer to a mobile device. They also have a large user-base from around the world.

According to Seeba, for Estonians the mobile screen has become the most essential of screens. “Mobile phones are more important than computers or TV sets and fortunately there are more and more well-executed solutions developed in Estonia,” Seeba noted.

According to the jury member Margus Uudam, partner at Karma Ventures, Pipedrive has come up with a solution in an area where there is already extreme competition in the world, but nonetheless the company is making headway and quickly expanding.

New business model special award in the Best Mobile app competition went to Bike-ID Eesti, best design special award and SmartDefence 2016 went to Pocopay, innovation special award to VitalFields.com and people’s choice award to Elisa Raamat.

During the intermission, there was a separate performance by Estonian stand-up comedians.

Finalists in the Best Mobile app competition included Sportlyzer, Pipedrive, Elisa Raamat, Barking, Pocopay, Bike-ID Eesti, Fleep, AirPatrol, VitalFields.com and Timbeter. Altogether more than 50 mobile apps from different fields of life entered the contest.

Estonia's Best Mobile Application competition is the largest national IT competition for already existing and fully functional solutions. Competition winners gain high-level recognition in Estonia and in addition winning the contest has opened doors for international races where Estonian made applications have also won prizes. Applications such as GoSwift, Transferwise, Teleport Flock, Taxipal and submitting annual financial reports to the Commercial Register have all been successful at international competitions.

The jury valued applications that have international potential, are of high-quality and easy to use, that create economic profits or help improve the quality of life in some other way. Practical and technological innovation was also important.

The jury included Asko Seeba (Mooncascade), Margus Uudam (Karma.vc), Anna Piperal (e-Estonia Showroom, WSA Mobile), Kristel Viidik (Testlio.com), Lauri Läheb (NutiKaitse 2017), Tajo Oja (Fraktal) and Rain Rannu (Fortumo).

Best Estonian Mobile Application 2016 competition is commissioned by the Estonian Information System Authority (Riigi Infosüsteemi Amet, RIA) in the framework of the EU Structural Funds support scheme "Raising Public Awareness about the Information Society" funded by the European Regional Development Fund. The organizer of the competition is BDA Consulting OÜ.

Best Estonian Mobile Application 2016 competition Press Release

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Added 28.06.2016

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