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Administration system for the state information system RIHA

RIHA serves as a catalogue for the state’s information system. At the same time, it is a procedural and administrative environment via which the comprehensive and balanced development of the state’s information system is ensured. RIHA guarantees the transparency of the administration of the state’s information system and helps to plan the state’s information management.

Catalogue of the state’s information system

RIHA gives information on the following subjects:

  • Which are the information systems and databases that make up the state’s information system;
  • Which data are collected and processed and in which information systems;
  • Which services, incl. X-Road services, are provided and who is using them;
  • Who are the responsible and authorised processors of the information systems and databases, and who are the contact persons;
  • On which legal basis are the databases operated and the data processed;
  • The reusable components that ensure the interoperability of information systems (XML assets, classifications, dictionaries and ontologies.

Procedural and administrative environment

RIHA serves as the procedural and administrative environment for the following actions:

  • The use and employment of information systems and databases;
  • The registration of services;
  • The connection with the X-Road;
  • The administration of reusable components (XML assets, classifications, dictionaries and ontologies).

RIHA provides trustworthy assistance and is a great tool for the developers, administrators and users of the state’s information system.

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Added 13.02.2006
Updated 29.02.2012

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