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Additional components of the X-Road

Information about reusable X-Road components is on GitHub

Applications and components that supplement the X-Road functionality


The mini-information-service-portal (MISP) is a universal X-Road client application that enables people or applications to use X-Road services based on the respective protocol via an ID-card authenticated channel.

MISP2 runs on the operation system Ubuntu Server 14.04 Long-Term Support (LTS). Only the 64-bit platform is supported.

NB! We recommend using the official repository MISP2 software, which has been tested and includes stable updates. The test repository software should be used only when necessary, because its updates may not be completely tested.

Latest software versions:

  • Official version 2.1.20 (Ubuntu 14.04 LTS)
    Repository: deb http://x-road.ee/misp2/packages/ trusty main
  • Test version 2.1.20 (Ubuntu 14.04 LTS)
    Repository: deb http://x-road.ee/misp2/.test/packages/ trusty main

MISP2 instructions

MISP2 instructions for developers

The X-Road WSDL validator

WSDL validator has been created in order to check the X-Road services. The plug-in programme validates and feedbacks the provided WSDLs. Based on the received feedback, the institution may improve its X-Road service descriptions.

The validator is able to validate WSDLs that correspond with the X-Road message protocols 3.0, 3.1 and version 4.0. 

The programme is compressed in the Debian .deb file and a zip-file has been added for the Windows users.

Links to instructions and validators: http://x-road.ee/valid/.

X-Road generator

The X-Road generator created by the Centre of Registers and Information Systems is intended for software developers that develop information systems that use X-Road services. The solution has been created to simplify interfacing between X-Road and projects on the .NET platform, and it is available to everybody free of charge.

In order to receive more detailed information and support, please contact The Centre of Registers and Information Systems.

Links to instructions and the generator

REST Gateway

The Finnish X-Road community has created the REST gateway that supports version 4 of the X-Road message exchange protocol.

REST Gateway is available at https://github.com/educloudalliance/xroad-rest-gateway.


The Finnish X-Road community has created the XRd4J java library that assists developers in creating client and server applications that correspond with version 4 of the X-Road message protocol. In addition, the library carries out the protocol stack of X-Road meta-services.

xrd4j is available at https://github.com/petkivim/xrd4j.


J-road is a Java library that simplifies creating and using the X-Road services. Initially, the library was created by AS Webmedia Grupp that employed it in all X-Road-related projects. The library is based on version 2.0 of the X-Road message exchange protocol.

  • The library consists of two parts:
  • Client – it is used for using the existing X-Road services;
  • Server – it enables creating and providing X-Road services.

The J-road library is available at https://github.com/nortal/j-road

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