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RIA inspects the security of the information systems of state and local government agencies and providers of vital services.

We exercise supervision on the basis of two Acts:

On the basis of the Public Information Act, we exercise supervision over the compliance of the administration of databases with Acts, other legislation and technical requirements. Pursuant to §439 of the Act, support systems to state information system, including the system of security measures for information systems, must be used for the maintenance of all state and local government databases.

Pursuant to the Emergency Act, it is the duty of RIA to exercise supervision over the continuous application of security measures in regards to the information systems used for the provision of vital services and the related information assets.

For the better performance of our functions, we cooperate with the areas of CERT and CIIP. If necessary, we consult the owners of information systems on the established requirements in the course of supervision.

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Added 15.02.2012
Updated 12.12.2015

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