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IT Infrastructure

The IT Infrastructure or basic infrastructure (BI) is necessary for ensuring that the state’s substantial services are available even in cases of force majeure.

Services of the basic infrastructure

Hosting BI components

Occurs on the RIA basic infrastructure platform together with administration. Above all, we host and maintain information systems that are important or critical to the state or are used across various institutions.
At the owner’s request, we can make regular backup copies of the data of the hosted information with the help of RIA’s recording devices; if necessary, we can store such data securely for longer periods of time. We can ensure that the backed-up data is kept separately from the location where the system is operated. The data will be recovered pursuant to the procedure agreed upon with the owner of the information system.

Hosting service

Hosting the servers and equipment of governmental institutions pursuant to agreement as a duplicate location. In order to ensure the operation of the information system, RIA data centre(s) guarantee optimal temperature and humidity levels, an uninterrupted power supply, the physical security of the equipment and data, and doubled data communication connections that satisfy the hosting requirements.

Backup power

Lending out the resources for a short period of time.

Digital archive

if necessary, we store digital data. We only focus on storing the data of critical information systems and data with the requirement of evidential value.

Incubation or the storage of a new service in its introduction phase

The incubation service creates the possibility for institutions to cooperate and realise projects that are complicated and involve several parties, at the same time decreasing risks during the kickoff period of development or administration activities. By offering technical support during the incubation period (administration, backup, mediation of best practices), we cooperate to create the best practices and promote the creation of synergy, which helps to ensure the sustainability of the information society.

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Added 01.03.2012
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