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A record has been set!

On June 30, 2008, the campaign for electronic uses of the ID card finished. The goal of the campaign was to gather as much digital signatures to one document as possible. More than 11,000 people participated in this record attempt.

Agne Kivisaar, manager of the campaign, is satisfied with the results: "This is the first ball in the goal of e-uses of the ID card. We will submit the gathered signatures to the Guinness World Records team in London, in order to apply for registering the first record of digital signing. But the end of the campaign does not mean an end of information being provided about various uses of the ID card. The electronic uses of the ID card will be introduced again in autumn."

Riho Oks, Advisor in the Estonian Informatics Centre, says that there are innumerable e-services in Estonia that can be securely used with the ID card. "Up to now, attention has been drawn to the technical solutions per se, and the campaign that just ended was the first that encouraged wider public to use the ID card. Our satisfaction with the results of the campaign is beyond doubt. Although the numbers were less than what was initially estimated, a result of over ten thousand digital signers in the context of Estonia is something that all participants can be proud of."

While in April of this year 6,173 digital signatures were used, this figure for the first month of the campaign, i.e. the month of May, was 70% higher, reaching 10,593 signatures. 18% of all participants in the campaign gave their first digital signature.

The awareness campaign of electronic uses of the ID card is conducted within the framework of the European Union structural funds programme "Increasing the awareness of the information society". The total volume of the programme is 50 million EEK, and the relevant activities take place in the years 2007-2013.

Topic: Awareness about Information Society, PKI

Added 11.07.2008

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