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120 000 ID-cards have been updated

As of November 6 there have been 120 000 ID-card updates. During the last day 18 000 certificates have been updated.

In the period of October 25 to November 6 around 92 000 people have updated their ID-cards remotely. 28 000 people have updated their ID-cards at Police and Border Guard Board (PBGB) service halls.

Both remote updating and renewals at PBGB service halls have been running smoothly today, the systems have endured the load. Additional time and calm attitude is still needed for both update options.

„If updating electronically does not work, then try again a bit later. The load will be lighter in the evenings,“ said Margus Arm, the head of the eID field at the Information System Authority (ISA).

Lots of people have recently reached out to PBGB because they have received a letter that says their ID-cards certificates have been suspended, even though they have updated their cards or their card does not have a security vulnerability. Most of the recepients of the letters are parents who were notified about the card of their under-age child.

„From suspended 760 000 ID-cards around 120 000 belong to children. Some of the teenagers have been notified personally, but for most children parents get the notification about the suspension of the certificates. There is no need to update the ID-cards, if child does not use the ID-card electronically,“ said Margit Ratnik, the head of the Identity and Status Bureau of the PBGB.

According to the law Police and Border Guard Board notified all the people whose ID-card certificates were suspended on Friday, November 3.

„There are hundreds of thousands recepients and therefore we finished sending the notifications today, November 6. Around 50 000 people have updated their ID-card since the suspension of the certificates, but they all have been notified about the Friday's suspension of the certificates,“ explained Margit Ratnik. „If you have already updated your card, then there is no need for you to come to PBGB service hall or update the card again remotely.“

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Added 06.11.2017

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