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10th anniversary of the State Portal eesti.ee


The first users who logged in to the State Portal eesti.ee ten years ago were able to make inquiries concerning their data in the Traffic Register, Population Register and the Health Insurance Fund. By now, over 400 public e-services are accessible in the portal.

The team of State Portal eesti.ee, March 2013

The most frequent activities in the portal are giving notice of one's place of residence, applying for parental benefit and viewing one's data in the Population Register. However, during periods when infectious diseases run rampant, inquiries concerning prescriptions for medicinal products and benefit for incapacity for work exceed the usage of all other services. Approximately 10,000 persons per day log in to the eesti.ee portal. The portal is visited the most during business days, especially Monday and Tuesday.

User feedback indicates that people are very interested of various notifications. "The great interest concerning notifications provides evidence that the portal is moving in the right direction. People do not actually need to communicate with the state very often and such necessities or obligations should give notice by themselves," said Mihkel Tikk, Head of Department of the eesti.ee State Portal. The most popular notifications in the State Portal are free of charge notifications concerning the expiry of one's driving licence, health certificate and roadworthiness test. "This year, the number of clicks made in the portal will decrease as the user will be able to access their essential personal data on the front page. The developers of eesti.ee are also engaged in adjusting the portal for the browsers of tablets and mobile phones," added Tikk.

In addition to the more well-known services such as applying for the European Health Insurance Card or inquiry for one's data from the Population Register, the portal also includes other lesser-known possibilities that are nevertheless useful in their specific niche. For example, a person is able to register a restriction of gambling to apply for them, download documents signed at a notary public free of charge and find out when to revaccinate their pet. There are more than 400 different services in the portal.

The bank link is the most common method for entering the portal. However, the Estonian Information System's Authority recommends using ID card or Mobile ID as all the services are not available when entering via bank link such as downloading notarised documents or signing applications that require a digital signature (e.g. notice of residence).

The survey conducted by TNS EMOR in summer 2012 indicated that approximately 3/4 of persons aged 16-74 are daily Internet users. Half of these persons have used eesti.ee. Two-thirds of Internet users are aware of the existence of the portal. The same survey indicates that the majority of the users of the portal are satisfied with the actions in the portal.

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Added 24.07.2013

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