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100 project proposals presented to develop information society

At the end of June, Estonian Informatics Centre announced a call for applications for the funding of Information Society projects. In a little more than one month, 93 project proposals worth 350 million EEK were presented.

Such popularity came as a surprise and since the original budget allowed for 250 million EEK for funding, EIC has finished accepting new proposals as of this week.

According to Jaak Liivik, head of the Department of Structural Funds, this does not mean the applications that came in last will certainly be left unsubsidized, “The committee will analyze all the project proposals. Luckily, the competition is strong and our criteria set up so that we can choose the projects that will really benefit the Estonian Information Society.”

Projects were accepted for enforcing government efficiency, creation of public services, and improving participatory capabilities as well as technical accessibility. The final assessment will be done by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications. After that the candidates can start with arranging acquisitions.

Topic: EU Structural Funds

Added 21.09.2009

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