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CERT contacts

CERT-EE is responsible for the management of security incidents in .ee computer networks. Also CERT-EE is a national contact point for international co-operation in the field of IT security.

CERT Estonia does not render services to end users who should, in case of security incidents, turn to system administrators (either at their internet service provider or in their organisation), to network administrators or customer support.

Any malicious activity believably originating from the Estonian networks/resources should be reported directly to the resource owner (eg ISP or web hosting provider). If you cannot find the contacts of this resource owner or they do not reply, please escalate the issue to CERT-EE. Large scale incidents involving Estonian resources can be reported directly to CERT-EE.

CERT Estonia offers the following services:

Incident handling – receiving incident reports, assigning priorities to incidents according to their severity level, performing incident analysis, responding to incidents, giving assistance in incident response, coordinating incident response activities.

Incident Response Department

+372 663 0299

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Added 19.01.2012
Updated 16.02.2015

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